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Because they relate to the most personal aspects of your life, family law matters are complex, emotional, and stressful. They are also multi-faceted with factors ranging from how children will be shared on a co-parenting basis to how property and debt will be divided and other financial matters, Even the smallest details may need to be determined, such as who will get the family pet or other prized family belongings. All of this can be overwhelming, especially if you are dealing with understandable emotional turmoil from loss to doubt, fear, anxiety, and more. 

At such a challenging time, you will greatly benefit from the guidance and support of a trusted family law lawyer. At The Law Offices of Chris Matz P.C., you can partner with an attorney who has been counseling and representing individuals in divorce and other family law matters since 1999. Chris understands Colorado family law, and the family court system, and has the negotiation skills as well as the trial skills needed for every eventuality. He is here to help you concentrate on what is most important in your case and can help you minimize conflict as well as protect your rights and pursue your best interests and those of your child(ren). 

A Word from Attorney Chris Matz

"I became a lawyer to be a voice for those who feel they are not being heard. Whether it is being charged with a crime, going through a divorce, or dealing with regulatory agencies, people often feel like no one is listening. I have made it my mission to ensure my clients' voices are heard. Every person deserves their day in court and a lawyer who cares about their case just as much as they do."

We can help Family Law during this difficult time

Family Law Cases in Colorado

At our firm, you will work one-on-one with Chris from your very first consultation throughout all phases of your case. We focus on understanding exactly what you are facing, whether it is a divorce, child custody matter, or some other family-related issue. The details involving your case, including family history, dynamics, and more as well as your needs and goals are critical to the preparation of your case. Whether through negotiation, mediation, or litigation, Chris can use his extensive family law experience to help you secure a resolution that gives you a solid foundation for the future. 

Our firm can represent you in all family matters, such as:

  • Divorce. This includes uncontested and contested cases, and those involving high net worth and same-sex couples who may be facing complicated property, asset, or custody issues.
  • Child custody. Known as parental responsibility, this can be an extremely contentious matter that must be resolved based on court policy of the child’s best interests. 
  • Child support. This issue is subject to complicated state guidelines. We can help you determine a fair and just payment amount.
  • Marital property and debt division. This is based on an “equitable distribution” that is considered fair to both sides. It does not necessarily mean an equal division. 
  • Spousal support. Also known as alimony, this may or may not be granted in a divorce depending on the circumstances of your case.
  • Modifications. When facing substantial changes in your life or financial circumstances, you can seek a modification of current family court orders regarding custody and support.
  • Enforcement. If you are faced with noncompliance from your ex-spouse on family court orders, you can seek to have orders enforced through the court.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. These written contracts outline each party’s property rights and responsibilities should the marriage end in divorce. 
  • Paternity. Unmarried parents who establish paternity can then move forward to secure child support or custody rights to a child. We represent both mothers and fathers in these cases. 

Chris is here to give you the compassionate support, knowledgeable counsel, and strong advocacy you need in resolving your case. Our mission is to help you navigate your family law matter effectively towards a resolution that puts you in a secure position for your future and that of your children. 

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    I became a lawyer to be a voice for those who feel they are not being heard. Whether it is being charged with a crime, going through a divorce, or dealing with regulatory agencies, people often feel like no one is listening. I have made it my mission to ...

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